Friday, May 12, 2017


昨年夏乗りなれたVFRを売却してからバイクなしでしたが サイドカー付きを購入しました。バイクは2016年製のスズキブルバードM50と言う805CCのハーレィもどきです。サイドカーはインドローヤルエンフィールドという英国ブランドのバイクを製作しているところのものです。購入して二年目との事。バイクは1,6000kmほど走っています。前のは還暦祝いでした。
I have been without any motor bike since the last summer I sold my bike, 2007 Honda Interceptor.
I got a second hand bike this time with a sidecar. The bike is 2006 Suzuki Boulevard M5 with a twin
805cc engine. The previous bike was for my 60 year old cerebrations.


I attended the Craft fair at Dunbar Community Centre as previous years. I donated all of sales to Doctors without Boarders.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016



Probably from maple. I got it from our firewood pile. It only has a small hole (1.25")enough for
one dry flower. 9.5cm diameter and 12cm high.
November 26th is my annual craft sale. I probably have 40 bowls including the last year's left over.
I don't have any big bowls so I cannot hope for large amount of sales.


Unknown wood scrap. I think easier to sell this kind of bowls. More people appreciate "wabi sabi"
here than in Japan. 12cm diameter and finished with one coat of tung oil. It also requires of many applications of Crazy Glue while turning.


It was again too hard for the Tokyo Automach. I tried Dremel, however, it leaves burn marks.
My bowls are getting smaller and smaller each time. I am run out of store bought materials and
now using small one dollar pieces bought from Lee Valley. 12cm diamter finished with one coat of tung oil.



Eastern maple crotchwood. 13cm diameter and finished with one coat of tung oil.



Eastern maple crotchwood. 14cm diameter finished with one coat of tung oil.



Made from eastern maple crotchwood. It was very hard and I couldn't add flutes with my Tokyo AutoMach curver. I had to use  a wood file. Hence it only has four flutes. It is my most favorite bowl for this year. 15cm diameter and finished with one coat of tung oil.


今年最大のボールで直径26センチ。なんの木かは知りません。タングオイルの一回塗りです。家内が購入した中古のボールを薄く挽き直してみました。形もまるっきり変わりました。以前は側面がまあるく膨らんだまま底へ続いていました。2/3 程の減量です。

The biggest bowl of the year. 26cm diameter and finished with one coat of tung oil.
It was re-turned of a bowl bought by Brenda from a Salvation Army store. It had a shape of rounded side to a flat bottom. It lost probably two third of the weight.



Store bought walnut. 16cm diameter, finished with one coat of tung oil.



I retired from my gardening business at the end of May this year. I sold my van and I don't have method to carry heavy materials anymore. Since I also feel I lost strength to handle heavy wood, I probably cannot make big bowls. This is my answer to earn more money by adding more feature to
a bowl. I used a Tokyo Automach power engraver. Store bought magnolia, 15cm diameter and finished with one coat of tung oil

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I have been very lazy about updating my blog. I am writing this page on January 19th two months after my last sale so you can see my laziness is serious.

This was my fourth year selling my bowls for fundraising for non profit organizations. I chose again Doctors without Borders for the donation this year. I am very happy about it since I didn't get any phone calls or emails from them asking for more money.

I changed the location of my sale from the Nikkei (Japanese cultural centre) Centre to a local community centre, expecting to have a different group of buyers. As a result, my sale this year improved and I raised $925 in total which is less than two years ago but almost three times higher than last year.

I donated right way to MSF Canada before I changed my mind. Today, I got a email from the community centre saying my fee for this year is waived because I am a non-profit vendor.
I am very happy to save the $80 fee, however, I think I lost my chance of quitting selling bowls for charity. I now have to make many more bowls than last year since half of the bowls you see below are now gone.

From February 2nd I am visiting Japan for five weeks and I'm also doing some bicycling there.

I donated a dozen boxes of Japanese books today to the Japanese Cultural Centre...some of them were from when I was 20.





Monday, April 13, 2015


The first one is from the black walnut I got several days ago. It is about 10" diameter, 25 cm, finished with grape seed oil.
The second one is from white oak which I found on a street very close to our house. Size is about 12" diameter, 30 cm and finished with canola oil by mistake. Don't underestimate canola oil! It is heart healthier than olive oil and is probably the cheapest oil you can purchase.



I got some black walnut wood from the guy whom I sold my the other lathe "Nova"to three years ago. He has had the lathe in a very nicely set and tidy workshop and has been making many bowls from it.

Black walnut, size is about 11" diameter, 27 cm, finished with grape seed oil





I again attended the Nikkei Centre's (Japanese Cultural Centre) Christmas craft sale.
This was my third year. The sale wasn't as good as in past years and I only sold a few items. I wish I had had more big bowls as they were in demand. I managed to raise about $300 and donated the whole amount to Doctors without  Borders.


Friday, November 22, 2013


Today was the Japanese Heritage Centre craft sale. My wife was
away due to her father having a stroke. I had her friend as my
assistant. At the end of sale I only had six bowls unsold. Including
the bowl I sold for $200 other day, I raised the total of $1,275.
I am going to donate the whole amount to survivors of the Typhoon
Haiyan in Philippine through the Red Cross. 

Thursday, September 05, 2013


I said this year's cherry was less corrosive than last year's.
I changed my mind.  I think because of the wood is wetter than when it was felled. because of
rainy weather.


I put my name and date.


Coring. The kit consists  of  4 size set. I am using the second smallest set, 12 inch set.


390 mm in diameter, finished with grape seed oil. The whole wall is turned to 2 to 3 mm thick except
the rim which is about 5 mm thick.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013


ウォールは3mm厚で、縁入ってる5mm、底は6mm位。底も同じ…と迷ってますが、よく削り過ぎて穴をあけてしまって怖いのです。直径37cmで葡萄種油仕上げ。No.31 ですが上さんは売れたボールは数えないと、鬼みたいなことを言います。
3 mm thick wall with a 5 mm rim and 6 mm thick bottom. I always wonder if I should try to turn the thickness of bottoms same to wall thickness. I am a little scared doing that since I often cut too much and make holes in the bottoms. I think this is my no.31 bowl, however, my wife cold heartedly says,
the bowl sold shouldn't be counted in 40 bowls for the craft fair. 370 mm in diameter and finished with grape seed oil.


私は女性のワンピース姿が好きです。サイドウォールは底まで2mm厚で、底がフラットに6 mm厚です。サイズは直径32cmで葡萄種油仕上げです。
I was thinking of shapes which will get more interesting when bowls warp. This was one of them.
It looks like a flared skirt. I've always liked seeing women in one-piece with flared skirt.
The side wall of the bowl is 2 mm thick all way to the bottom, and the bottom is flat and 6 mm thick.
320 mm in diameter and finished with grape seed oil.